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About Chao Sheng

        Introduction of Chaosheng Group

Chaosheng Group was established in 1968 andimplemented shareholding reform in 2012. The company focuses on the productionof high-end printed circuit boards, integrating design, development,processing, production, sales, and foreign trade. In 1982, the Japan Supa

Morioka Odd Club was established.Zhejiang Kunying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in2001, Shenzhen Chaosheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in
1993, Shenzhen Jinlin New Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, and foursubsidiaries were established in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, andother countries and regions. It is one of the most powerful (Japan, Hong Kong,Japan.  , Europe, Hong Kong and manyand China) joint venture circuit board manufacturers in China; featuredcopper, metal base, soft board, ceramics, rigid-flex board, etc., products areproducts include: HDI (High Density Interconnect) boards,  Layers, microwave high frequency, thickwidely used in communication equipment, intelligent systems, new energy,medical equipment, detection systems, aerospace, LED, communications,

automobiles  , Home electronics and otherhigh-tech fields.ders" Vision.The annual output value of the group exceeds 100 billion, the annual output value of printed circuit boards is more than 35 billion, and the monthly production capacity is 450,000 square meters.

Chaosheng Group was founded in 1968 and implemented a joint-stock reform in 2012. The company mainly produces high-end printed circuit boards, integrating design, development, processing, production, sales, and foreign trade. In 1968, it established the Japanese Kunying Oki style club, and in 2001, it established Zhejiang Kunying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (which acquired Kunying Electronics from Taiwan). In 1993, it established Shenzhen Chaosheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and in 2008, it established Shenzhen Guangruixing Electronics Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shenzhen Mingze Electronics Co., Ltd., as well as four subsidiaries located in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Europe. We have multiple distributors in Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and are currently one of the most powerful (Japanese, Hong Kong, Chinese) joint venture circuit board manufacturers in China; Featured products include: HDI (High Density Interconnection) boards, multi-layer, microwave high-frequency, thick copper, metal based, soft boards, ceramics, soft hard bonding boards, etc. The products are widely used in high-tech fields such as communication equipment, intelligent systems, new energy, medical devices, detection systems, aerospace, LED, communication, automotive, household electronic products, etc. The group's annual output value exceeds 100 billion yuan, and the annual output value of printed circuit boards exceeds 35 billion yuan, with a monthly production capacity of 650000 square meters
Shenzhen Chaosheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established (originally located in the Shigangwei Road Industrial Zone, Longcheng Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China) and relocated in July 2012 to 50 meters north of Industrial Avenue, Yongfeng County, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province, China (Yongfeng County Industrial Zone, Chaosheng Industrial Park). The company covers an area of 650 acres and its products are widely used in communication equipment, intelligent systems, new energy, medical equipment, detection systems, aerospace, LED, communication software, automobiles, lighting, instrumentation, energy storage systems, industrial equipment, industrial power control, radar antennas, RF equipment, RF transmitters, banking systems, banking equipment, financial equipment, financial systems, communication servers, wired terminals, wireless terminals PCB in the application fields of military products, medical equipment, intelligent devices, intelligent systems, transportation equipment, rail transit, high-speed rail systems, software systems, software equipment, 5G devices, 5G systems, 5G communication, and other products We specialize in producing double-sided, multi-layer, HDI, high-frequency mixed pressure, MiNiLEDHDI, MiNiLEDFPC (flexible board), thick copper, thick gold, metal based, various ceramics, ultra large sizes, special materials, special processes, and other printed circuit board production factories. Our monthly production capacity is 650000 square meters, and our annual sales value reaches 35 billion yuan. We use special production equipment and manufacturing technology.
Zhejiang Kunying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly one of thewell-known enterprises in Taiwan) was established in 1992. In December 2010, itwas wholly-owned by Chaosheng Group to acquire 100% of its shares. The factoryis located in Kunying Industrial, Linshui Road, Lin'an City, Zhejiang Province,China The park covers an area of ​​about 65 acres and has more than 1,650employees. Products are widely used in communication equipment, intelligentsystems, new energy,medicalequipment,testingsystems,aerospace,LED,communications,automobiles,lighting,instrumentation,etc.,professionalItproducessingle-sided,double-sided,multi-layer,roll-to-roll FPC, super-large size, hard and soft HDI, flexible printed circuitboards, with a monthly production capacityof 300,000 square meters and annualsales of 6 billion. The output value is the largest in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.  One of the most advanced manufacturersofhigh-end flexible circuit boards.
Shenzhen Jinlin New Energy Co., Ltd. was establishedin2008.Theoriginalname(ShenzhenMingzeElectronicsCo.,Ltd.)wasrenamedShenzhenJinlinNewEnergyCo.,Ltd.in2016.TheproductionbaseislocatedinPangushiIndustrialPark,Wulian,LonggangDistrict,Shenzhen.Themainproductareasarecommunications,automobiles,medical,LED,industrialpowercontrol,energystorageproducts,computers,homeappliances,etc.,aswellasproductdesign→productdevelopment→productsoftwaredevelopment→circuit design (wiring) →production → PCBA (SMT,plugins,TEST,DIP,Helpset,postwelding)integratedOEM and ODM production plants, with 16full automatic production lines of Yamahaautomaticequipment,aswell asvarious testing equipment such as AOI and X-RAY.

The main customers are: Bosch, ABB, Omron,Jetta, HP, AIRCROSS, Toyota, Dell, Sony, Aigo, adidas, Intel, Samsung, LG,NiKon, Emerson, etc.

Advantages of Chaosheng For Chaosheng,operating a successful PCB manufacturing industry requires strategic vision andsmart marketing, and a clear management structure is the key to success.  byCompany Quality Policy Quality Policy:   

Service sincerity!  Quality refinement!  Survive by quality!

Quality goal: full participation, scientific management, customer first, quality first, striving for first-class quality

quality promise:

Product quality assurance meets customerstandards. If product quality is unqualified, we will provide necessarycompensation for customer losses; after-sales service commitment: take customerinformation feedback seriously, reply in time, and actively deal withcustomers. We are convinced that we can only face and greet with ourheart.  Each challenge can providecustomers with high-quality products and services.The

way of business survival:

Survive by quality!  Seek development by credibility!  Create excellence from management!  The best quality!  best service!  Best Price!  Establish a superb image!  Please give me one more chance!  Give you a miracle.

Thecompany's corporate culture mission:

Provide high-quality circuit boards (PCB, FPC) and timely and satisfactory services for the world's electronic informationindustryVision:

Growinto a world-class circuit board service company, create maximum value forcustomers, employees, society, and investors. Core values. Managementprinciples: integrity, mutual assistance, progress, and sharing.Customer-centric: 

Market-oriented companies continue to pay attention to environmental protection and clean production, adhere to the continued development strategy, and adhere to the China and global environmental conferences.  We have a complete environmental protection system and facilities that can treat waste, reduce waste, and reduce energy.

Japan Chuanshan Circuit Board Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1982, has experienced more than 30 years of growth and development. Over the years, we are committed to the development and manufacture of circuit board equipment for the circuit board industry to provide superior quality products and high quality Our main products include: Horizontal Wet Process Line, Cabinet and Tunnel Oven and Peripheral Automation Equipment. 1982 - 2008 We focus on Japan and Europe and the US market, 2010 We are in China And Southeast Asia and other regions, serving more than 500 circuit board manufacturers, is Japan's largest manufacturer of circuit board equipment one of the superior production results, handy operation, simple and efficient maintenance and safe and reliable operating system design concepts are It is the leading edge of the circuit board equipment industry, and has always been committed to the development and manufacture of circuit board equipment and ISO quality management system international standard. It is the quality of continuous operation of Chuanshan The company has developed a quality manual that meets ISO requirements, identifies service standards, document control systems, and speaks for all Related courses, in August 1985 and August 1990, respectively, passed the ISO-900 and ISO9001: 2000 BSI international certification. In September 1995, Chuan Shan successfully passed DNV certification CE, which not only proved that the Chuan Shan The results of efforts over the years, but also fully shows that we have been in progress, to make better products and efforts to enable customers in the production process as well as product quality to obtain greater protection.We use high precision CAD / CAM and the most Advanced simulation system to establish the unit structure, to its program, greatly improving the stability and reliability of the machine.We believe that advanced machinery and equipment and continuous improvement of production technology is the guarantee of high quality products.Therefore, we continue to introduce A large number of automated production systems, coupled with professional technical staff to meet the increasing quality of customer requirements. Chuan Shan has more than 1,000 professional technical staff, in accordance with the requirements of the project, provided by the Department of professional design and specification review, production Responsible for precision manufacturing and assembly, QC is rigorously tested to ensure the high quality of the product.With the increasing technical requirements of the industry, we have systematically More than 80 professionals from Japan and the United States are responsible for the development of research work, through their rich experience, the development of more advanced production technology and the development of high-quality, high-precision, Products, so that Katsuyama to maintain the leadership position in the market.In order to allow customers to fully appreciate the spirit of service Sichuan, we consider the needs of customers from various aspects and provide assistance; such as technical support, the effective supply of spare parts and professional advice To provide, etc. There are well-trained technical staff responsible for the installation of the machinery and equipment, operation training and maintenance works, Mu can provide the most complete after-sales service. Welcome to have the skills of the community to join!